Police Chief Cover Letter

There are three types of cover letters. From these three types of cover letters, application cover letters and prospecting cover letters are the most used. The other type of cover letter which is rarely used is the networking cover letter. Given here is an example of application police chief cover letter. You can draft the other two types of cover letters following the similar format. The career profile of the police chief will also help you in understanding the responsibilities of the police chief.

Career Profile for Police Chief:

A police chief plans and directs the operations of the police departments which are under his influence. They usually look after the law and jurisdiction of the entire city or village to which they are posted. Most of the countries look for degree holders for this position. However, there are other physical attributes which have to be satisfied. They have to go through stressful physical training before joining the police department and should serve as police officer for a considerable period.

Format of Police Officer Cover Letter:

(Provide the details of applicant here)
Name: __________
Contact address: __________
E-mail correspondence: ___________
Telephone number: _________

(Write today's date here in MM/DD/YY format)

(Provide the addressee's details here)
Name: __________
Title: _________
Organization name: ________
Address: __________ (Address of the company)

Subject: (Subject should include the name of the post for which you are applying)
Reference: (Reference can be anything like, advertisement in newspaper, etc.)

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Miss. (Addressee's name),

Introductory Paragraph: To give a brief idea about why you are interested in the job for which you are applying. You also have to write the position along with its reference id if available. You can write this paragraph of two to three long sentences.

Second Paragraph: In the second paragraph you have to include your qualification details in brief and give a short summary of your skill set that is already included in the resume and which will help in interesting the employer genuinely.

Concluding Paragraph: The concluding paragraph of your cover letter is to express your gratitude to the employer for reviewing your cover letter and ask him to read your resume for more information about your background.

Closing: (Warm regards/ Sincerely yours)
(Name of the applicant)


Sample Police Chief Cover Letter

Maria Taylor
796 Northern Street
90 NY Avenue
Ohio - 85746
Online correspondence: maria_taylor@xyz.com
Contact number: (948)-647-9576

Date: August 26, 2011

Helen Malcolm
Police Chief Superintendent, Columbus
Ohio - 85987

Subject: Application seeking position of Police Chief

Dear Miss. Helen Malcolm,

It gives me pleasure to send my application for the position of police chief in Grove City, Ohio. I am currently posted as Inspector in Grove City and have spent more than 6 years serving the police department and helped in enforcement of law in the state.

I started my career in the Ohio State Police Department as a Constable in the year 1989 and was promoted as a Police Sergeant within a year looking at my positive contribution towards the police department. After serving as a Police Sergeant for 5 years I was promoted as an Inspector for Grove City. Apart from working as a police officer I have always played a vital role in social activities and have been awarded with many titles.

For detailed information about my work and experience you can view my resume enclosed with this application. It would be a pleasure meeting you personally to discuss about the position.

Sincerely yours,
Maria Taylor


When you have written your police chief cover letter, make sure that you have included the name and the designation of the addressee correctly. You can also check the entire cover letter to correct the mistakes if any.

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