Solicitor Cover Letter

A solicitor cover letter serves two purposes. One, it accompanies your resume and second, it gives you a chance to express your qualifications and enthusiasm as well. In a cover letter, you can easily give a complete overview regarding your career history and accomplishments along with your skills. A recruiter can easily figure out your competency level based on the information you furnish in the cover letter.

Solicitors, also commonly referred to as lawyers, can work as a corporate lawyer and supervise the activities of the organization to ensure that all transactions follow the legal framework. Criminal lawyers on the other hand work on behalf or against people accused of committing a crime. Apart from these two instances, solicitors are also involved in protecting the rights of citizens, laborers, etc., and help different organizations to conduct activities of social interest. You need to be highly qualified in terms of education and also comfortable working for long hours and handle stress that comes along with the job.

Solicitor Cover Letter Description

In a solicitor cover letter, you have to be very clear and expressive with the information because this will definitely help the recruiter to get familiar with you. You can ensure maximum readability of your resume by explaining your experience, key skills, job responsibilities and your overall professional journey. You can also give an overview of your achievements and enlighten the recruiter with your thoughts for this profession. A recruiter, while reading your cover letter must feel that you are worthy enough to be interviewed. You should use a very simple language that can easily cover all the information without making your cover letter too lengthy.

Given here is a sample of solicitor cover letter that explains how you can incorporate all the instruction mentioned above without making your cover letter lengthy or uninteresting.

Sample Solicitor Cover Letter

Richard Smithson
E-204, Flemington Apartments
Baja Drive, Tofu Square
Carson, Nevada 45112
United States

Regina McCain
Recruitment Manager
Warner and Werner Associates
Carson, Nevada 45114
United States

Re: Application for the job advertised in Solicit a Solicitor on August 23rd, 2011

Dear Regina,

I came across this job advertisement posted in Solicit a Solicitor and it gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I have been searching for a similar job and I would like to join your organization if you find me competent enough.

I am a solicitor with Carson District Tribunal for the past six years and prior to that, I was a solicitor for Express Business Solutions for three years. With such a vast experience, I have grown as a seasoned solicitor with active involvement in many cases in my tenure. I know the most recent amendments in the constitutional, criminal, and corporate laws. Apart from the knowledge of law, I am skilled in multitasking that enables me to work on different cases simultaneously.

Being a sensitive profession, I understand that any mistake may lead to embarrassment and disastrous consequences to my personal and employers' reputation as well. With a clean track record, I can assure you that I am very well prepared to handle the most complicated cases with confidence and also help the organization to earn goodwill by helping out the clients in a positive manner.

I am sending my resume credentials for further reference and copies of experience and reference letter. I am thankful to you that you spared time from your busy schedule to read my application. I am also looking forward for a positive reply from your end.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Smithson

It is of prime importance for you to understand that the recruiter will definitely get back to you after reading your solicitor cover letter if it satisfies his requirements. Do not make any mistakes in the language and vocabulary and also avoid putting any fake information in your cover letter.

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