Advertising Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Writing an advertising sales assistant cover letter is a part of the preparation process when you step into the job market. When you apply for a job somewhere the recruiters do not know you, just like a newly manufactured product is not known to anyone. To promote and introduce the product, advertising is chosen as one of the mediums for people to know. Similarly your resume is your advertising document and cover letter is an informal way of introducing yourself along with the resume to the recruiter.

There is a format for writing cover letters. It is not an extension or a support to your resume; in fact you do not have to write anything similar to what you have mentioned in your resume. You simply have to convince the employer of your skills and state how it can be utilized to the best for his or her firm. A sample advertising sales assistant cover letter should make it clear as to how it is written.

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Sample Advertising Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Joe Martin
Babylon Apartments, Flat No. 309
Durham Street - 7
New York
E-mail -
Phone Number - 324-498-6197


Sylvain Jack
Human Resources Officer
Administrative Department
Blue Cherry Advertisers
New York

Re: Application for Advertising Sales Assistant

Mr. Jack,

With reference to the exhibition stall Blue Cherry Advertisers had put up in the recent exhibition, Big Banners Exhibition, of various advertising companies I came to know that you are hiring people on a large scale for opening of new branch that will only deal with advertising for the nongovernmental organizations. I write to express my keen interest in being one amongst those lucky people to work under the banner of your reputed firm. The vision of the company is the same as what I have always wanted to do. I am a part of three nongovernmental organizations and know exactly where they need to be promoted and what are the factors to be considered when we have to advertise them. I am sure I can utilize my organizational skills, contacts and references completely and contribute dynamically to Blue Cherry Advertisers.

Hence I am looking forward to hear from you. You can call or drop an e-mail at your convenience on any of the working days. Hoping to hear from you soon and having a fruitful association in the near future.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,
Joe Martin


This was an example of the advertising sales assistant cover letter to show you the kind of content you are supposed to write. These names, organizations are fictitious and the subject matter referred to is also made up. You have to personalize depending on your requirements.

By personalizing we mean to say the actual names of the people whom you will interact with have to be found and mentioned. It is anytime better to refer to the person directly rather than writing a generic letter. That is where a cover letter comes in to play the needed role, personalizing your resume. So to start with you can work upon your resume again and pick the most remarkable achievements so as to put them in the cover letter.

The formatting of the letter has to be very simple, using the font face and standard size from the available options while drafting it in soft copy. Avoid writing the advertising sales assistant cover letter in hand. Show your sincerity and skills in the letter, portray your best and you will surely win an interview in your coveted organization. It is not easy to get through among a crowd but it is all about how well you put across yourself. So wish you luck!

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