Cover Letter for Retail Sales Associate

The retail sales industry deals with daily needs of people. Every consumable item that can be used daily is catered by several retail stores across the country forming a part of the industry. By offering and selling most essential services and products for the people, one thing is sure that there will no end for this industry. And on the forefront of this sector are the retail sales associates who help every walking-in customer in selecting and finding the right product. They may be not highly-qualified or tech-savvy people, but they are definitely important members in the retail business.

Job Description

Whenever any customer steps into the store, the first person he or she will meet is the sales associates. This designation is responsible in greeting customers with smile and addressing to their needs. The office bearer will help consumers in selecting their needs by guiding them to the respective shelves. She is also responsible in keeping the store clean and stacking product on the shelves. Helping in making bills and collecting cash against the purchase is additional duties. She will also take stock inventory.


Retail sales associates must have the ability to converse with customers of different age, sex, and background. She must be strong in communication skills, especially orally. They must possess a courteous manner and a good demeanor. Further, knowledge of the products and its features stored in the store and the manufacturing company is mandatory.

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Sample Cover Letter

Martha Curry
3996 Roosevelt Drive
Wichita, KS 67202
Ph.: 620-270-8531

September 06, 2013

Mr. Edward Blech
Guess Fashion
4459 Charmaine Lane
Verbena, TX 783536

Subject: Application for the position of retail sales associate

Dear Mr. Blech,

I met Mr. Alan Dubey the other day, who is a regular customer of your departmental store. Since the item needed by him was out-of-stock at your place, he stepped in at our place. While having a conversation with him, he suggested me to apply for a retail sales associate position in your company. He also added that he would be happy to recommend me to you. Backed by his support and confidence on my abilities to perform in a pristine manner, please consider this letter as my candidature for the said position.

I have achieved lots of success that is impossible to define in one or two paragraph. I am associated with the retail industry since 2006. During this six+ years of my service, I have enjoyed every day as it is a new day. Meeting with different people, knowing their habits, and bringing smile on their face are some of features of this job I love about.

For the last three years, I am continuously exceeding the sales target and have been the topper in home furniture department. Since I have an interest in home décor and knowledge about the product, it becomes easy for me to convince customers and help them in finding what they want. I also keep myself updated with the latest trends in the interior decoration. Once the customer drops in, I see to it that the person does not go back empty handed.

I would love to contribute my knowledge and experience to your organization. My communication skills, taking inventory, making bills and collecting cash and credit card payments are my strong points. I am sure you would love to meet us for further discussion and would call on 620-270-8531 . Thank you for your time and consideration.


Martha Curry

Enclosure: Resume

You can also highlight any relevant awards and certification pertaining to retail sales. Try to share your success and strength with the readers. If you have added new and sustained the old customers, mention it as well.

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