Retail Sales Manager Cover Letter

Retail sales manager is someone who will always work behind the scenes, and he or she will constantly influence everything from the store display to merchandise selection. He or she will have to mainly supervise the work of the employees in the sales department, who are responsible for selling the products to every customer. The employees who the retail sales manager will have to supervise are cashiers, stock clerks and sales associates. These managers will be responsible for training and hiring the employees, make work schedules and everyday task lists and think of what all goods they need to order, advertise and display. In addition, they will also have to inspect the merchandise for making sure that they are latest, come up with incentive program and make proper budgets.

The position of a retail sales manager does not need minimum education, though most of the organizations would want you to have a high school diploma with a specialization in management, business or social science. Most of the manager usually work their way up from being cashiers or sales associates. They will have to learn the procedures and techniques on their on-going job, while some will be attending the company sponsored training, which will last for not more than week. Some of the important skills that a retail sales manager will have to exhibit are self-discipline, initiative, judgment and decisiveness. Also, they must know how to handle disgruntled employees and angry customers.

If you a high school degree and some experience in sales and looking for a job, then all you need to do is write a covering letter, so that you get noticed. A cover letter is an effective document, which will ensure that you get noticed and get an interview call as well. Therefore, whenever you write your resume, make sure that you write a cover letter as well. This article will provide you with retail sales manager cover letter, which will give you a better idea of what you need to write in your letter.

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Sample Retail Sales Manager Cover Letter

Sidney Eddies
3696 Red Hawk Road. Orlando, FL32801 321-219-0579

January 15, 2011

Mr. John White
K Mart
4281 Rickman Road
Oklahoma City, OK73606

Dear Mr. White,

Re: Retail Sales Manager Position

After finding your advertisement for the position for a Retail Sales Manager, I became more than eager to send this letter across to you. As you will find in my attached resume, I have got the right education, qualification and experience that you are looking for this position.

With more than 15 years of experience as a retail sales manager, I have done countless jobs in this role to include: administrator, sales motivator, loss prevention manager, buyer and accountant. I have experience in working both with hardliners and softliners, in both smaller family and big box owned operations. Since I have people skills and the ability to sell almost anything to anyone, I have nothing but only success to offer you in this position I have held for a long while. I am reaching out to this position, because I wish to work for some organization that has remarkable reputation for success and can offer me the best experience and products for their customer. Believe you me I have got the same goal.

I would like to thank you for going through my resume, and I would love to have a chance for meeting you in person as soon as you can arrange. You can give me a call anytime at 321-219-0579 or drop me an e-mail at

Sidney Eddies
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume and References

Remember that you cover letter should never be more than a page. The recruiter will not have more than 10 minutes to give your letter. Therefore, make sure that you be precise and simple in your letter.

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