Sales Specialist Cover Letter

A sales specialist is someone who has the responsibility of forecasting the sales of the entire organization. These specialists will have to make sure that all the sales forecasts are met in the given time. Sales specialists are proven experts in selling a particular service or product. Sales specialists are those individuals who have to make sure that, organizations profit remains profitable. However, they have to continuously search out and perform sales calls to new clients. For effectively selling a product, a sales specialist will need at least some knowledge about that product. Therefore, most of the sales people will start developing an expertise in a certain area of business for becoming more effective in selling that service or product.

The knowledge about a product will make it easier for the sales specialist to clearly explain the customer about the usage of that specific product, which are being sold. These sales specialists have to always drive sales for meeting their projected sales target. They have to keep themselves updated with all the latest market demographics and changes. The sales specialists will also have to keep a track of all the sales call data, communication responses and customer objectives, so that they can tailor the sales as per the requirements of the clients. Sales specialists also need to have good marketing strategies, like customer days and webinars.

The educational requirement for this profession is a bachelor's degree with a specialization in sales. Most of the organizations will require the sales specialists to have at least a few years of experience. They must be willing to keep learning continuously about the latest products that are being released in the organization they are working for. Most of the times these individuals will have to work on independent basis, so they must always keep themselves self motivated. Interpersonal skills are also important because, they have to deal with various customers on day to day basis. Here is a sample sales specialist cover letter that will make it easier for you to get a job.

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Sample Sales Specialist Cover Letter

Dennis Logan
4808 Wiseman Street. Knoxville, TN37917 865-523-3953

January 3, 2011

Ms. Margaret Jones
Ventura Groups
1239 Pike Street
San Diego, CA92126

Dear Ms. Jones,

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement in the Knoxville Times stating that you are looking for a Sales Specialist. I would love it, if you give me the opportunity to fill this position, as I am the best fit for this position, and hence I would request you to go through my attached resume.

My specialty since the last six years has been only in sales for internet sales leads, and I have got immense success for nearly hundreds of clients through my strong knowledge in different internet sales and marketing actions. I have successfully affiliated buying links, ad words, marketing, submitting to directories, etc. I have vast knowledge in SMO and SEO as well, but at heart, I am true sales specialist, where I have specialized in selling space to the advertisers on the basis of monthly rate. I have the ability to sell anything, but I am highly excited on the prospect of selling all of your online products since those are the quality products that I use, but also it is my industry experience. I am a true team player who only believes in getting 100% results.

I have even more details that you can find in my attached resume if you are interested, and I would request you to contact me and discuss if you need any details at your time and convenience. You can reach me anytime at 865-523-3953 or e-mail me at

Dennis Logan
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume and Sales Results

This is one of the ways for writing your cover letter. You can alter it as per your requirements. Good luck!

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