Sales Team Leader Cover Letter

Sales team leaders have more responsibilities than simply leading a staff; they have to make sure that the goals are achieved on time and the sales goals are surpassed. They are also responsible for hiring, interviewing, training all the new members in the team, helping them in managing existing accounts and developing new ones. Sales team leaders not only have to look after and schedule a team, but keep them motivated and working as a group. Sales team leaders should also know the organization's mission, as well the services and products offered inside and outside.

Sales team leaders have to be extremely passionate about meeting their goals, constantly striving to achieve a strong work ethic in their team. As far as training is concerned, sales team leaders will have to show how services and products are used, explaining the value and history of buying them. Moreover, for preparing a team, sales team leaders will have to do some selling themselves. Sales team leaders also have the responsibility of setting up bonus and incentives for team members for keeping their morale high. These professionals have to be highly energetic, professional, possess extremely good customer-service skills, and should be highly motivated.

Sales leaders need to be resilient and confident in both directing their team members and in meeting with their consumers. Like every manager, sales team leaders have to be patient as members in their team can make mistakes and will take time to learn. These individuals need to have basic knowledge about computer, as well as programs and software related to that. Most of the organizations will require individuals to have at least a high school degree to qualify for this post.

If you have the educational qualifications and a liking towards this field, then for getting a job all you need is a cover letter. Here, you will find an example sales team leader cover letter to help you further.

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Sales Team Leader Cover Letter

Alma Brown

3346 Oak Street.
Syracuse, NY13202
December 23, 2011

Mr. Michael Bunion

Guess International
2645 Cinnamon Lane
San Antonio, TX78212

Dear Mr. Bunion,

I am sure that through your online posting, for the requirement of Sales Team Leader position is now available and hence, I am submitting my documents to express my interest in this position with your organization. I have been working in sales for more than nine years and I thoroughly enjoy associating and meeting with customers on time-to-time basis. It is an interesting and fun career in which I am sure I will excel.

My ability to motivate and leadership skills make me the best candidate for this job. I have excellent verbal and oral communication skills, immense patience and positive willingness to learn. Some of my abilities also include knowing how to keep all the staff members together and working for my team for the benefit of the organization.

I have completed my bachelors degree in business, with specialization in math, which when clubbed with my strong work ethics will surely make me the ideal candidate for your organization. I am professional, experienced, energetic, good at providing feedback and monitoring all the staff members for helping my colleagues for becoming more productive without causing any kind of hard feelings.

I would love to know more about your organization and the services that you sell. I would request you to contact me at 315-381-6456 or drop an e-mail at, so that we can arrange a meeting and discuss this further. I am available anytime between 8am to 5pm. Thank you for your time.


Alma Brown

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This cover letter will surely will be helpful to you. So, now you can follow this sample and write your own cover letter.

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