Salesman Cover Letter

A salesman has to assess the requirements of their customers, suggest them with proper products and give them alternative options if required, and always try to make a good sales pitch. Therefore, ensuring that both the proprietor and customer are left satisfied with the outcome of the salesperson. The job function will vary from industry to industry. An insurance salesperson will have the job to assess the requirements of their clients and suggest them about insurance products. The main job function of an insurance salesperson is that always have to make sure that the product he or she is marketing will accrue maximum results.

A salesperson working in retail will have to assess the needs of their consumers and provide them with the suitable product. A salesperson should also have vast knowledge about the products that are available in the store, so that they can come up with better alternatives for their dissatisfied customers.

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Salesman Cover Letter

James Mitchell

2479 Fleming Way.
Richmond, VA23238
December 23, 2011

Ms. Karin Preston

Michigan Group
2673 Fleming Way
Richmond, VA23222

Dear Ms. Preston,

It is only with your organization that I wish to offer my 15 years of experience as a salesman in managing expertise and a vast insight in all the marketing methodologies. I have a strong background in utilizing different things for direct response for advertising materials, I am sure that my experience and skills, if linked with the vision of your organization, will definitely prove to be a profitable result.

As the senior salesman, I am always energized with opportunities for overcoming all the promotional boundaries. I constantly make sure that our lines get the best representation for achieving the new client acquisition and create a certain level of brand awareness through my excellent marketing efforts. With complete accountability for more than a million-dollar budget, I can currently offer a significant amount of contribution for increasing revenue through my skills of tactical planning.

I posses natural communication and interpersonal skills, I have achieved a solid reputation for networking and alliance with some of the crucial industry resources. I have always made sure that I provide solution driven leadership style to the organizations I have worked with. I have the ability to make effective marketing programs, which has encouraged profit achievements for my previous organization.

Under my guidance, we have achieved the following things:

As there is still more to relate, I would like to meet you and have a detailed discussion about how I will be able to assist you in the sales and marketing needs for the further growth of your organization. You can reach me anytime during the weekday at 804-754-1587 or e-mail me at


James Mitchell

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