Child and Youth Worker Cover Letter

Child and youth workers work at correctional facilities, schools, hospitals, group homes, rehabilitation centers, and social agencies. Their duty is to help children and youngsters overcome problems due to being victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, bullying, and addiction to drugs and alcohol. As the job is to bring positive changes in someone's life, a cover letter has to be matured, professional, and brimming with experience.

The document has to tell about your knowledge of the job vacancy and the job listing source. It should also summarize your work experience in an interesting way to excite the hiring manager to read more. When the reader's interest has been caught, end it by thanking for his/her time and laying out your follow-up plan.

Sample Child and Youth Worker Cover Letter

Richard M. Stedman
4684 Taylor Street
White Plains, NY 10601
Phone: 914-683-8008 Email:

September 15, 2015

Thanh J. Febus
Hiring Manager
Morgan Correctional Facility
1435 Romrog Way
White Plains, NY 10604

Dear Mr. Febus,

The Child and Youth Worker job vacancy on posted by you have made up my day as it was the first thing I saw it today morning after starting my laptop. I am excited to apply to the position since the requirements mentioned by you absolutely match up with my experience and qualifications. The attached resume will demonstrate how in my four years of work experience I changed lives of hundreds of children and adolescents for better.

I have worked with children and adolescents who have suffered emotional and behavioral problems at the hands of their parents, teachers, relatives, and neighbors. My working style with them is to present myself as a friend and not a mental health professional. The top on my priority list is to become a friend first and then a healer. I am lucky to have that inborn talent to befriend people instantly, which is why they open up to me and share their problems easily. Once I have learned the reasons of their problems, I try to divert their minds by engaging them in some productive and fun activities contributing to their physical and mental development. I also conduct one-on-one and group counseling and help them develop self-confidence.

My strength in changing therapies suiting the conditions of the patients has yielded me positive results. There are many creative tricks in my kitty that I want to use for your facility. To discuss at length how I could be of any help to you, please let me know your suitable time for a personal meeting. I will call you after a week in this regard. Meanwhile, thank you for your valuable time reading this cover letter.

Thanh J. Febus

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