Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter

A business will never run in an efficient manner, unless it in not backed with a fully-functional accounting team. Most of the business ventures would be in ruins, if there were no full charge bookkeepers who kept an account of every single penny that is spent or earned in a business. If you are considering a career in bookkeeping, then having a commerce background will be beneficial for you.

Most of the people working in the accounting profession will give you a confused look, whenever you ask them the difference between a bookkeeper and accountant. Most of the times these two designations are used interchangeably and the main difference are in the nature of work. A bookkeeper is responsible for the daily recording of all the financial transactions into ledgers. However, an accountant will be responsible for recording all the expenditures and sales. A fully -functional bookkeeper will be responsible for doing the job of the accountant as well as bookkeeper.

The duties of a full charge bookkeeper are concerned with every financial transaction that happens in an organization. They have to take care of the accuracy of all the financial information, which is related to the organization. One of the most important functions of a bookkeeper is maintaining accurate records for all the financial activities of the organization. This will include everything including payroll calculation, purchase, and sales.

These professionals need to be well -versed with accounting software and use of spreadsheet, which are a must for bookkeeping. If you think, that you have what it takes to become a full charge bookkeeper along with an accounting degree, then all you need is a cover letter. A covering letter that contains all your skills, qualifications and work experience will do wonders and get you the interview call. Here is an example full charge bookkeeper cover letter that will help you ahead.

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Sample Full Charge Bookkeeper Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Justin Lewis
3644 Denver Avenue
Riverside, CA92501
Mobile: 951-321-8478
E-mail id: l.justin@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Robert Hickman
2970 Melm Street
Maitland, FL32751

Date: July 31, 2011

Dear Mr. Hickman,

Today, I am submitting all my documents with the hope to get a job of Full Charge Bookkeeper position with your newly opened branch. I am sure that my background in bookkeeping along with accounting will be what you are looking for to fill this position and I will prove to be an asset for KPMG Ltd.

Below is a summary of my skills to show different ways in which I can be essential for your organization:

I am aware of the fact that it requires a strong personality for handling every task to properly fulfill this position. My strong points will allow me to have the ability to become a valued employee at KPMG Ltd.

A further discussion between us can reveal many more facts about my skills and education that I will be bringing to this organization, if I am considered for this position. You can contact me at 951-321-8478 or e-mail me at l.justin@example.com.

Justin Lewis
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume, Work Portfolio

Draft your letter in the similar format or you can come up with your own creative ways. Keep it precise and error free. Good luck!

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