Learning Mentor Cover Letter

A Learning Mentor cover letter here is written in order to get yourself recognized in the job sector you are applying for. The skills you could not mention in your resume. you can make them up here in a cover letter, some of your notable experiences you may have encountered at your previous workplace. Your letter should reflect your personality and must explain the reason they should consider you for this position.

A learning mentor is a specialist who acts as a facilitator to teachers and staff and help in attending to the special needs of the children in the schools. The mentor employs special skills to help the kids who often lag behind their counterparts. The mentor has to have special qualification to be considered for this position. The learning mentor will work out a plan according to the ability of the kids and then execute her plan in a more comprehensive manner. The mentor may use one to one teaching to help the student to understand the matter in an easier way.

How to Write a Learning Mentor Cover Letter

As a learning mentor, you should have a cover letter, which features your excellent skills to empathize with the kids and help them to learn and develop in a positive way. Your letter must be simple and sensible, you could describe your affinity and concern for the kids who could do more than they can if provided with services.

You can always relate warm experiences you had encountered at your previous workplace with the children, and how you went out of your way to help them get good grades apart from development in other areas. Last but not the least mention your skill like calm, patient and assured attitude towards the response in the performance of your kids.

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A sample cover letter for a Learning Mentor


Thelma H. Franklin
352 Marigold Lane
Miami, FL 33176
Phone -305-484-6517
Email-id: Thelma.frankilin@temail.com

Date: November 23, 2011


Mark A. Favors
3542 Ingram Road
Asheboro Golden Kids School
Asheboro, NC 27203
Phone: 336-566-5456
E-mail-id: mark.favor@memail.com

Dear Mr. Favors,

This is in reference to your advertisement in the daily newspaper "New York Times" dated -22 /11/11. Presently I am a resident of Miami, Florida, teaching at a suburban school for special kids. North Carolina being my hometown, I would like to be united with my family if given an opportunity to serve at your school.

I have an experience of about five years teaching at this Auburn Special school here. I helped kids to develop their innate latent talents and tapping them to achieve better grades in academicals. The kids have always been attached to me in their difficult times as well as for guidance in taking certain important decisions. Some of my kids have been selected in the high school and mainstreamed with the normal children.

Now that here is an opportunity which I wish to grab to help the kids to get the benefits of my achievements in my hometown. I am sure you would help me to realize my dream afterall a wish is always a dream come true.

Waiting eagerly for an assertive reply from your side and join you in realizing the dream of better future for your kids through me. Do intimidate me on my selection for this post.


Thelma Franklin

Attachments: Resume

Hope you would like this simple learning mentor cover letter to help you pen down one for yourself to help you get the job you most deserve. Go get down to write a cover letter to get you this job.

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