Pastor Cover Letter

In a regular recruitment process, initially we have to send our resume to the employers and then they call us for an interview if they feel that we are suitable for the position they are looking for. We generally write a resume through which we try to highlight our capabilities to the employer. Though a resume contains all the information about us, resumes that are sent along with a cover letter are appreciated more and gain more importance. This is because a cover letter directs the employers to our resume by convincing them that we have all the skills that can benefit the employer. A pastor cover letter is a must when you are applying for the position of pastor in a church.

Every employer looks for some specific skills in his employee depending upon the requirement of his organization. Even if we have those qualities we may not be able to highlight them in our resume as we are supposed to give equal importance to all your credentials in a resume. In a cover letter we can emphasize more on the employer's requirements and write it in a way that he will appreciate and call us for an interview. It should be short, appealing and have a personal touch.

Job Description for a Pastor:

The word pastor is originally from Latin, which means 'shepherd' as pastors in a church are responsible for feeding human beings with spirituality. He is responsible for providing pastoral leadership to the members of the Christian congregation. Pastors have to manage the entire congregation process, they have to plan the entire process of worship and assist and participate in the music program that is carried out during the worship. He is sometimes asked to provide services at social gatherings, marriages, and funerals.

Here is an example pastor cover letter, which you can modify according to your requirement and build your own cover letter.

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Sample Pastor Cover Letter

Pr. Peter Walker
435 Greg Street
UTI Lane
California - 90202
United States
E-mail id:
Telephone number: (673)-738-7389

Date: August 4, 2011

Pr. Jack Greg
Senior Pastor
St. Luther Church
California - 90782
United States

Dear Jack,

I would like to utilize this opportunity to introduce myself to you for the position of patron in St. Luther Church. I am writing this in reference to the advertisement in the GFG job portal regarding the position of patron in the church. I will be helpful for your church in guiding youth and children in the congregation.

I can also provide personal assistance for the people who are entirely new to the church and never participated in congregation earlier. With the extensive knowledge of the codes of the church, I assure you that I will follow all the rules and regulation that are necessary to be followed. I can also help in other programs that are related to the church and undertaking extra responsibilities associated for the betterment of church.

My experience of 8 long years in this profession will be helpful for assisting the patrons with less experience. Looking to get a call or mail from you so that we can discuss the position details.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Peter Walker

Writing a pastor cover letter in this manner will surely help you attract the potential employers. You should use professional language and convince the employer that you are enthusiastic in working with his organization. You can also request some information about the position for which you are applying but do not discuss salary details in your cover letter. You can however mention them in your resume. Feel free to send us suggestions and comments if any.

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