Peer Educator Cover Letter

Whenever you send your curriculum vitae or resume, it is mandatory to send a supporting document in the form of a cover letter covering your details. A cover letter generally comprises your details and shows your interest in the particular job. It is to force the potential employer to read your resume and call you for an interview. You can use the format of the peer educator cover letter given here and the career profile to build a letter covering your credentials.

Job Description of Peer Educator

Peer educators work as volunteers, provide counseling, and help to the people who are suffering from either physical or pathological conditions. A huge number of drug abused, alcohol abused and people suffering from family issues need help and support from peer educators. There is no course or educational qualification required to work as a peer educator. Only a sufficient number of years of experience of working with the counseling centers as peer educators, mentors, etc., will make a person qualified for this position.

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Peer Educator Cover Letter: Format

(Details of the sender)
(Address for Correspondence)
(Contact Number)
(E-mail Address)

Date: (MM/DD/YY format)

(Details of the person to whom the letter is addressed)
(Company Name)
(Company Address) If available

Subject: (A statement to state the purpose of your application that includes your job position)

Reference: (Reference will help the employer know your source of information)

(Salutation) Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss,

Paragraph 1:

This is the introductory paragraph of the main body of your cover letter. It has to be short and informative. The information the employer looks for in this paragraph is the position for which the application has been sent and how much you are interested in joining the organization. If you have any references you can also include them in this paragraph.

Paragraph 2:

In this section, you have to typically include your past experiences, skills and qualifications for the job position you are applying for. Do not include any irrelevant and unnecessary information in this section of your cover letter. Focus on those skills that have been given in the job requirement posted by the employer.

Paragraph 3:

Acknowledge the employer by thanking him for reading and appreciating your cover letter. Give your contact details here once again. You can show your interest in meeting him and discussing the details in person.

Closing (Yours sincerely, warm regards, regards, faithfully, etc)

Your name or signature

(Use bulleted points to enlist the attachments)

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Sample Peer Educator Cover Letter

James Mark
722 Apricot Street
77 Usher Cottage
North Carolina 53777
Phone Number: 389-689-6790
E-mail id:

Date: August 23, 2011

Ana Scott
HR Recruiter
Help Counseling Center
North Carolina 53777

Subject: Application for the position of Peer Educator

Reference: Advertisement posted on portal

Dear Ana Scott,

I am willing to work in your organization as a peer educator and facilitate the organization and patients through my excellent counseling skills. I have gone through the requirements specified by you in the advertisements and it gives me pleasure to bring to your notice that I am a perfect match for this position. If you feel the same after reading the resume enclosed with this mail, consider my profile.

I have excellent communication skills and can interact with the patients and understand their problems. Throughout my experience of 3.7 years as a peer educator, I have handled different cases of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, psychological and mental problems. I can offer a good listening ear to the patients and help them solve their problems as well as prevent relapse of the conditions.

You can mail me on my e-mail id or call me at 389-689-6790 or 578-759-4898.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,
James Mark


If you have attached more than one document with your peer educator cover letter then use bulleted points.

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