Public Librarian Cover Letter

A public librarian is a professional with expertise in library management. He is responsible to manage the library activities and ensure all activities take place within the set regulations and protocols. He must manage the traffic of readers at the library responsibly without making mistakes or disrupting the library environment. As up to date record keeping is critical function of library management, he must be skilled at maintaining accounts and transaction details. Another important responsibility shouldered by a public librarian is to maintain discipline in library. He must be adept at finding the books or CD demanded by the readers or place purchase orders in case of unavailability. He may be required to perform basic accounting function as well. He must ensure no one disturbs the protocol at the library and causes interference to the readers. The important qualities required for a public librarian are conversational, data management, organizational and managerial skills

A cover letter is an important document in job search. Many job seekers may argue its purpose, as they believe their resume would be sufficient to apply for jobs. However, there is vast difference between a cover letter and a resume that job seekers need to understand. While a resume is a complete overview of the job profile, a cover letter is an application letter. It serves the purpose of introducing the candidate and expressing his interest in doing the job. It is a personal statement that uses a polite, gratifying, and appealing tone. On the other hand, resume maintains a curt and professional tone. Always keep in mind this difference, as it will help you draft notable documents and support your job search endeavors.

Find below a public librarian cover letter example for reference. We are sure this template will resolve your doubts and guide you to write your cover letter.

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Sample Public Librarian Cover Letter

Date: 21st October 2011

Andrew Riley
16N, Maple Street, Tucson, AZ 87795
366 - 454 - 7879

Joe Patterson
Library Manager
Tucson City Library
366 - 454 - 1214

Subject : Application for post of Public Librarian
Reference: Newspaper Advertisement posted in New York Times on 19th October 2011

Dear Joe,

I recently read an advertisement posted in New York Times on 19th October 2011 about vacancy for public librarian's post in your organization. I desire to offer my vast experience and expertise in public library management to your organization and thus, present my candidature by way of this letter.

I have thorough experience of working as a public librarian. Working as a librarian offers me an opportunity to take care of books and promote the hobby of reading. I consider my passion for books and my hobby of reading to be my greatest strength. My experience has taught me to integrate my qualities of data management, communication, and organization and utilize them to handle library management responsibilities. My sharp observational skills and effective tracking abilities ensure that books never get misplaced or stolen from the library. I possess strong sense of business ethics and lay stress on discipline - two qualities vital to maintain a peaceful environment at work. I assure you, if given an opportunity I will succeed in my task and would not disappoint my seniors

I have attached necessary documents that will help you study my career profile and evaluate my suitability for the post.

I hope to see a positive reply from your side. Feel free to contact me anytime by an e-mail or a telephonic call.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

Andrew Riley


Remember to maintain a clear distinction between your cover letter and resume. Follow the template presented in public librarian cover letter example and create your own cover letter.

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