Reference Librarian Cover Letter

Reference librarian cover letter can be an important marketing tool. It should help you get the much-needed attention from the employer and eventually help you get an interview call. This is not a tedious task; all you have to do is provide information relevant for the job. The letter should be customized and tailored according to the requirement and expectation of the organization. The main idea behind writing a cover letter is it allows and explains your skills and talent in detail. A well-crafted cover letter can create a huge difference in getting you noticed.

Before you start writing the cover letter, make sure you read the following reference librarian cover letter tips. This will surely help you write the letter in a better and correct manner.

The cover letter is a great way to show your potential and make your idea clear. The following sample cover letter for reference librarian will show you the format to write an effective and impressive cover letter.

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Sample Reference Librarian Cover Letter

Linda Perez
293 West Thunderbird Road
Glendale, Arizona
United States

August 22, 2011

Garcia Carter
Hiring Manager
Mary School of Learning Institute
293 West Bethany Home Road
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

Dear Mrs. Carter,

I am interested in the job opening for the position of reference librarian in your institute. I have the experience and knowledge you are looking for in an ideal candidate. I have enclosed my resume that will give you detailed information on my work experience and educational background.

I have worked as a reference librarian for the past five years in Bethany School in Glendale. I have the experience and the qualification you are looking for in an ideal candidate. My key responsibility as a reference librarian was to interact with different people and provide them with vital information on the books available in the library. Being in this field for the past five years, I have huge knowledge of the library and its resources. Apart from the basic duties and role of a reference librarian, I am capable of performing administrative duties. I am extremely organized with my work. I have good knowledge of computers that will help me perform my duties well. As per your requirement, I am flexible with work timings and can work well under pressure.

I would be glad if we can meet up for an interview and discuss this further. You can always call me at (602)-302-3049 or e-mail me at

Thank you so much for your patience and valuable time.

Linda Perez

Attachments: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

As you can see in the above example for reference librarian, the letter focuses on how you can ideally fit the job. The cover letter can be regarded as a marketing device that should be used to market your skills as a reference librarian. This is important because it is usually regarded as the first contact with the prospective employers. Hence, it is important that you write this in a professional manner. I hope your doubts on writing such letters are cleared. Good luck with your job search!

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