School Librarian Cover Letter

The school librarian cover letter should be written in such a way that it conveys everything about the applicant. It is important that a cover letter written by the applicant accompany the resume. This will help create a good impression and convey to the employer that you are serious about working there. Writing a good cover letter shows effort on your behalf.

Almost every school has a library where they store some of the best books available for children to read. To care for these books, a good librarian is required. Therefore, schools hire the help of professional librarians. Most schools are funded by federal funding and hence, the librarian can expect a good salary and benefits. Even private schools pay the librarians well. Hence, there is competition in this field and a good cover letter can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

By writing an appealing cover letter, you can show you are adept at writing and have a keen interest for books. The resume can only reflect the qualifications and work experience of the candidate, but with a cover letter, you can connect on a personal level with the employer and that can prove to be advantageous in landing in the job. Therefore, take this extra effort in writing a pleasing cover letter and you are sure to land in a librarian job in a reputed school. Read the pointers on cover letter writing given below and also see the school librarian cover letter example to draft you own cover letter.

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What should a school librarian cover letter have?

Follow these points exactly and the end result would be a job winning cover letter. Getting the interview with the help of an impressive cover letter is half the battle won. If you are still unsure about the letter check out the sample cover letter provided below:

Sample School Librarian Cover Letter

Robert J. Hall
43rd Flora Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.
(646) 746 947

Samantha White
School Administrator
Eagle Rock High School
Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

Dear Samantha,

This letter is in response to your advertisement placed in the City Herald dated October 15, 2011. The advertisement stated that there is an opening in your school for the position of librarian. I am very much interested in this position, as I have heard a lot about Eagle Rock High School and the kind of great education your school provides.

I have been working for the past 2 years in Hoover High School as the assistant librarian. Here, I have been handling a vast array of books on all subjects that are taught in the school and also all the best fiction books available. I am extremely adept at using the Dewey Decimal Classification System and have arranged all the books accordingly. Blessed with a sharp memory and good organization skills, I have performed well as an assistant and now I feel it is time for me to move up. There is no better school than Eagle Rock High School for me to display my library skills and I assure you I will be valid addition to you staff.

I thank you for taking precious time out of your busy schedule to read this letter. Please do grant me an opportunity to be interviewed for the position. I can be reached on my phone (646) 746 947 and my e-mail id is I am looking forward to receiving a positive response from your side.

Sincere regards,
Robert J. Hall


  1. Resume
  2. Photocopy of Degree in Library Science
  3. Photocopy of Experience Letter

The school librarian cover letter given above is an example for this kind of letter. You can use the same letter for yourself by making a few changes in the details as per your requirement.

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