Social Studies Teacher Cover Letter

Applying for the position of a social studies teacher? Then a perfectly written cover letter would draw more attention to your resume. A cover letter is nothing but a way of introducing yourself to the potential employer and gives him or her brief about your experience in education and social studies. A shabbily written cover letter will make the employer throw your cover letter in trash even before he or she reads your resume. Following are some points that you should consider while writing a cover letter:

Apart from this information, you will also find a sample social studies teacher cover letter that you can refer to.

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Sample Social Studies Teacher Cover Letter

Ali Gonzales
2006 Sherwood Circle
Lafayette, LA70501
Date: April 1, 2011

David Miranda
Vibgyor High School
1947 Perine Street
Alexandria, VA22304

Dear Mr. David,

With a lot of interest, I am writing this cover letter for the position of a social studies teacher and attaching my resume for the same with Vibgyor High School. I have completed my master's degree in arts as well as teaching. In addition, I have more than ten years of experience teaching high school. I am highly confident in my teaching abilities as a member of a teaching academic.

As you will come to know through my attached resume all the highlights that I have accomplished in my career so far are in the educational field. Being a versatile teacher, I have always had the opportunity to teach kids from standard 6th to 12th with a focus on social studies. Moreover, I am currently appointed as a Chairperson in the department of social studies. In this department, I am accountable for rejecting or accepting requests based on the budget of the department, initiating staff meetings, and fixing up seminars for professional development.

My proficiencies lie in the creative and developmental section of the lesson plans. I have also worked in creating presentations for informative thematic units, using different technologies for providing one-on-one support to students and introducing creative learning. Also, I am well versed with locating all the unique resources for making sure that every student knows how to comprehend and also promote a supportive environment.

I have always strongly believed that a good classroom setting is one where you encourage students to communicate completely honesty and openly, and in a confident attitude. I constantly make sure that meaningful relationships with each member in the school will promote a friendly environment.

To summarize, I am sure that I will be able to play a meaningful role with your esteemed institute and contribute in its ever-growing success. I would like to meet you for discussing this opportunity in detail and explain you how I would do my best. Thank you.


Ali Gonzales

Enclosure: Resume

This sample cover letter will surely help you. Good luck!

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