Spanish Teacher Cover Letter

A good Spanish teacher cover letter helps you to interact with the recruiter. You can easily express your interest and qualifications for this profession through your cover letter without having to meet in person for the same. You need to provide only true information in the cover letter without sounding boastful so as to make a positive mark.

In a Spanish teacher cover letter, you need to provide both professional and personal information so that the recruiter can easily analyze how well you fit into this job. Begin your cover letter with personal details and contact information, which can be used by the recruiter to reply to you. In the subject line, you can put the reference from where you got to know about the job position. Avoid random salutation such as Sir or Madam. Write the name of the person whom you are addressing the cover letter. It sounds more respectful and professional. In the body of cover letter, you must write a brief description of your experience as a Spanish teacher and the qualities that make you eligible for this job. Although this document carries a personal touch, you still need to be very precise and professional in the language and tone of communication.

Job of a Spanish Teacher

As a Spanish teacher, a person is responsible not only for teaching Spanish in oral and written form but also to organize different activities to provide a better insight into Spanish language and culture. A successful Spanish teacher possesses excellent communication skills and flexibility to adjust with different students in a classroom scenario. Spanish teachers need to be unbiased to provide accurate feedback on individual student progress. Please follow the structure and content of the sample Spanish teacher cover letter to know how exactly your cover letter needs to present the information.

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Sample Spanish Teacher Cover Letter

Tracy Williams
2146, Mattson Lane, Stellar Square
Detroit, Michigan 97220
United States

Date: October 14, 2011

James Reed
Kings Memorial Elementary School
Detroit, Michigan 97224
United States

Re: Application for the post of Spanish teacher advertised in Education Jobs on October 13 2011

Dear James,

I just came to know that you are hiring Spanish teacher for your school and I would like to apply for this post. I have been looking for an opportunity to join a school where I am given an opportunity to teach students in a classroom and be a resourceful guide to them on different aspects of Spanish language and culture. I am a qualified teacher with valid certification in teaching and I possess the requisite skill set posted along with the job advertisement.

I am experienced in this profession and I have an exposure of teaching up to 25 students in a batch. I understand the importance of a strict yet playful environment in a classroom and I can easily maintain this environment without hampering active communication with the children. I am physically and mentally active and comfortable in working with children from different social backgrounds. I understand that every student is blessed with different capacities of learning and I am comfortable to provide them additional support and training so that they are able to master the language.

You can go through my credentials and resume. I have provided references of my previous employers and letters of recommendation as well. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you need more information or any clarification on the information I have provided. I heartily thank you for reading my letter. I am looking forward for a timely and positive response from your end.

Yours sincerely,
Tracy Williams

An effective Spanish teacher cover letter is the one that helps the recruiter and does not confuse him. Your cover letter needs to be as effective as the sample given here to ensure that the reader reads and understands it in the first instance itself.

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