Swim Instructor Cover Letter

Are you ready with your swim instructor cover letter? If not, then this is high time that you learn the etiquette of writing a cover letter because a new job opportunity can knock your door anytime and if you are not ready to grab this opportunity, it won't stay for long. Many professionals have experienced this loss and hence we advise you to be prepared with a well-written cover letter and impress the employer with your qualifications.

The best swim instructor cover letter is the one that can compile your experience, qualifications, and skills in a very compact format and blends it together to portray your professional image to the employer. Employers are not interested to know every intricate detail related to your professional life. They just need an eligible candidate to meet the job requirements and if you are the eligible one, you can easily show your qualifications. The best way is to break the information into parts and present it in simple and short sentences. Do not use any abbreviations or jargons while writing a cover letter. Use a very simple language that keeps the reader engaged rather than distracting him from your letter.

Job of a Swim Instructor

A swim instructor teaches different styles of swimming to people of all age groups. While some people learn swimming by themselves, others opt for professional training. It is a very popular form of exercise and sports, which rejuvenates mind and body. Swimming instructors also teach life saving techniques to learners. This is a highly responsible job because it is very risky for a person to step into water without knowing how to swim and the swim instructor has to ensure that the learner is able to master the skills of swimming without risking his/her life.

A sample of swim instructor cover letter can provide you a better perspective on skills of writing a cover letter.

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Sample Swim Instructor Cover Letter

Peter Schwartz
2410, Berwick Lane, Titan Square
Denver, Colorado 49230
United States

Date: October 26, 2011

Linda Taylor
Recruitment Manager
Burberry Health Club
Denver, Colorado 49237
United States

Subject: Application for the position of Swim Instructor posted in the Employment Journal

Dear Linda,

During my search for a new job as a Swim Instructor, I found out that you are hiring Swim Instructors at your resort. I feel that this is the perfect job for me and I would like you to take a look at my qualifications and experience and assess my competency.

I have been an avid swimmer ever since I was a teenager and with passing time, I decided to adopt my hobby as a profession. I started my career as a Swim Instructor at Kappa Swimming Club where I used to train swimming and lifesaving techniques to men, women and children as well. After working there for five years, I quit my job and joined Central Sports Academy where I am currently working to train professional swimmers.

I have completed a certificate course in first aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). I am a teetotaler and I have also been awarded with "Brave Hearts" award twice for saving people from drowning at Cabana Beach.

You can find my resume, credentials, reference letters and copies of awards enclosed with this letter. I am available on telephone and in person as per your convenience. I would also like to express my gratitude for your valuable time. Waiting for a positive reply.

Sincerely yours,
Peter Schwartz

This format is commonly accepted by all the employers. You just need to adopt it for your cover letter and stay prepared for a new opportunity that will definitely bring your dream job along. All the best!

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