Track Coach Cover Letter

A track coach cover letter could help you get a lucrative track coach job in a reputed institution. Track coaches have to train athletes in track sports like 100m, 200m, 400m, relay race, etc. Thanks to the race to be the fastest man on earth, athletes' and audiences interest has increased tenfold in this sport. Many students are now interested in becoming track athletes and require guidance from a skilled track coach.

Schools and colleges now hire track coaches to train their students. They are given a good salary, not to mention tenure that is available to school and college track coaches only. Plus, if one can make their name as a good coach, then sky is the limit for them as professional athletes pay their coaches a large amount. Therefore, it is important to get a coaching job in a school or college where you get to coach potentially good athletes who may someday represent the country in world events.

Don't hold back and wait for job offers, take the initiative and apply with the track coach cover letter. Send you resume with this letter too and you will surely get a few interview calls. Most track coaches are former track athletes themselves and hence know about the sport really well. It is also better if you know a few things about the sport, and these additional skills have to be mentioned in the cover letter to make it look more rounded.

If you have not written a track coach's cover letter, we will guide you on the whole process and even guide on what attachments with the letter you will need other than your resume.

Guidelines for track coach cover letter

These points are more than enough for a decent cover letter

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Sample Track Coach Cover Letter

Richard Thornburg
425, Capital Street
Seattle, Washington, USA
(273) 883 7360
Cell no. (222) 877 4772

Herbert Windham
Seattle High School
461, Lincoln Road
Seattle, Washington, USA

Dear Mr. Windham,

I have recently moved here from the city of Reno because of the burgeoning athletic scene over here. I am a professional track coach and I am interested in coaching students of your high school in track events.

I was track coach for Morning Star High School in Reno for the past three years. I trained the students in all the track events and our high school won several awards each year in the intercity athletic competitions. Many of my students also won college scholarships based on the track event performances.

My main focus is to nurture students at an early age so they get better as they grow up. I encourage all students to take part in track events. This has allowed me to find some potentially great athletes who are today representing the state of Nevada. I would like to do the same for your high school and would like to build a good infrastructure for talented athletes to come through.

One additional quality I have is that I have done a vocational physical therapist course as well. I am good at treating injuries and can recommend diets for the athletes to follow. I will provide these services to all my students as well, if I get hired.

Please carefully consider my offer and give me a chance to meet you personally, where I will be able to elaborate on my plans. I am confident that you will be able to see my vision as well. Contact me on the email address or I am available on the phone numbers as well. I appreciate your patience in reading this letter. Thank you.

Sincere regards,
Richard Thornburg


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Photocopy of certificate in track and field events
  3. Photocopy of certificate in physical therapy course

The track coach cover letter can be longer than other cover letters, as there could be many important things that have to be stated in the letter. However, keep the letter up to one page in length, not more than that.

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