Trainer Cover Letter

If you are aspiring to go in the training field and are applying for the post of a trainer, make sure your resume is attached with a powerful trainer cover letter. This will not only help in getting the call for an interview, but it will also assist you in getting your dream job by making a good impression on the prospective employer. In this way, the purpose of the cover letter will be served completely.

Guidelines on How to Write a Trainer Cover Letter

Most of the times, the applicants are found to be biting their nails whenever they need to draft a trainer cover letter. They feel perplexed and confused as to what should be included in the letter. Here are a few guidelines that will help you to clear all your doubts.

  1. Address the letter to the hiring manager with the correct name and spelling. If you are unsure, check it out by calling the office
  2. Mention your name, address, phone number, email id, etc., so that it will be easier for the employer to contact you
  3. The first section of the letter should be able to hold on the attention of the reader and compel him to read further. You should give a reference as to how you came to know about the vacancy in the organization
  4. In the middle section, draw his attention towards the high points in your career, relevant to your academic background, experience, and key skills that will help in distinguishing you from the rest of the crowd. Through this section, you should be able to convince the employer you are the best-fitted candidate for the job by linking the job requirements along with your exceptional qualities. The employer should get the feeling that there is no better option for him than actually calling you for the interview
  5. In the last section, do not forget to thank the employer for giving his valuable time in going through you letter. Remind him once again that you are genuinely interested in the job and would like to attend the interview

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Sample of Trainer Cover Letter

Amanda C. Kifer
1057 Andy Street
Milbank, SD 57252
Phone: 605-432-6916
Email id:

Date: April 3, 2012

Robert M. Marlow
The Hiring Manager
Orion Software Inc.
2505 Heavens Way
Tampa, FL 33619

Dear Mr. Marlow,

This letter is in response to your advertisement published in the “Daily New York Times” for the post of “Trainer” dated April 3, 2012. I wish to offer my candidature for the same as I completely match your job requirements.

My academic background, along with six years of professional training experience, in the BPO industry has assisted in demonstrating a successful track record. As a trainer, I was assigned the work of understanding the different processes, learning the actual process online, and designing training manuals that will be user friendly. Apart from classroom training, I have prepared and given some presentations for communicating the information in a better way. I have prepared and conducted the tests regularly and evaluated the performance of the trainees. I have guided them on improving their performances and tried to solve their issues. I have almost trained more than five hundred employees and now most of them are handling senior positions.

I am confident that my profile perfectly suits your needs. Moreover, I will be able to relocate and work for a period of two years. I would like to train and utilize the potential of new employees to achieve greater heights for the organization.

Thank you for the time and consideration. You can call me at any given time to fix the interview schedule.

Yours sincerely,


Amanda C. Kifer

In short, a trainer cover letter should be able to cover all the essential details like education, your exclusive skills, and experience that are matching the job requirements. This in turn will identify you as a potential candidate who best deserves this job.

There are a few points that you ought to remember before sending a cover letter which are as follows:

  1. It should be short and succinct
  2. It should be signed with your name mentioned below
  3. It should be proofread several times to avoid typographical, spelling or grammatical errors
  4. It should be drafted professionally

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