Tutor Cover Letter

A tutor cover letter sent along with your resume will help you in showing your interest in the job position and conveying your best-suited credentials to the employer. Sorting the applications becomes easier and employer can analyze your skills and accomplishments that can benefit his organization. As a cover letter is a professional letter, there are certain points that should be considered while drafting it.

You should always use professional language and keep your letter left intended Without stretching your cover letter too much, you should include all the necessary points within it Also make sure that you include your contact information and the employers contact information correctly

The format of cover letter given below and the example cover letter will tell you more about an accurate cover letter.

Job Description of Tutor:

Tutors are required in every stream form nursery and primary schools to post graduates and PhD colleges. They assist and train students and help them in understanding their subjects. The most important thing for a tutor is that he/she should be knowledgeable and should have ability to pass on his/her knowledge to their students. They should be experts in the subject in which they are tutoring their students and should have ability to provide solutions to their queries wisely. A tutor should have expertise in both written and verbal communication skills. Sometimes tutors are also required to teach learning methods to their students.

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Format of Tutor Cover Letter:

Contact Section
(Name of applicant)
(Address for correspondence)
(Contact number)
(E-mail address)

Date: (MM/DD/YY)

(Name of employer)
(Company name)
(Company address)

Subject: _______________________ (Optional)
Reference: _________________________ (Mandatory if available)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss __________,

First Paragraph:

Start your cover letter by mentioning following details:

Mention the source of your information and why you are interested in applying for a particular position
What makes you a suitable candidate for the said position and how you are a good match for the employers requirements

Middle Paragraph:

Highlight following points in the middle paragraph:

Educational details
Professional experience
Skills matching the employer's requirements

Final Paragraph:

Conclude by mentioning the following:

Thanking the employer for reading your application
Providing your contact details
Expressing interest for interview

(Name of employer)
(Signature - Optional)

(Enlist supplementary documents that you are sending with this application)

Example Tutor Cover Letter:

Jasmine Judith
928 Bob Street
Boat Avenue
New York
NY 26893
Phone: 378-993-8399
E-mail id: jasmine_ judith@anymail.com

Date: December 27, 2011

Carrel William
Fairy High School
New York
NY 37978

Dear Miss. Carrel,

This application is to enquire if your school has any job vacancies for the position of Mathematic Tutor for 8th, 9th, and 10th grade. I am a skilled teacher who can teach students with varied levels of grasping capacities using good teaching techniques. I am sure that your school will definitely benefit from my credentials.

I have the required qualifications and experience of around 3 years in teaching Mathematics. I have in-depth knowledge of my subject and have ability to solve any kind of difficulties of students. I am flexible with timings and can teach students as per their scheduled timings.

To know more about my credentials, you can refer my resume attached herewith. If you have vacancies and find my profile suitable for the position, please inform me thorough mail or phone call. Looking forward to meet you personally to discuss about the said position.

Thank you.

Jasmine Judith


Educational certificates

Following the format of the above given cover letters, you can draft your own tutor cover letter. For any other cover letters, you can follow similar format.

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