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A business owner or a self-employed person may need to write a resume for various situations. For example, the need will arise when he wants his business to be registered with some relevant professional organization, requires capital for expansion, or adding someone as a partner. Further, to earn recognition for a business that could provide more growth avenues for which he needs a certification that is specific to his field. To obtain that certification, he will need to write a resume. Moreover, the resume is also needed when he has to participate in a conference and show his work or products. Lastly, he may write after his business has dropped down, and he wants to go back to work. Let the reason by any one of these, writing the resume is surely not going to be as easy as refilling a car's fuel tank. If you are in any of these similar situations, here is a help for you in the form of a resume sample.

Business Owner Resume Sample

Robert B. Curtis
2761 Hilltop Drive
Guymon, TX 73942
Phone: 806-339-8406

Career Objective:

A successful business owner owning a small manufacturing unit seeking capital for an expansion program in the same existing address.

Profile Summary:

5+ years of experience in manufacturing clothing and handling a production and marketing team of 40 people as a business owner. Excellent understanding of the growing fashion trends in the country with an ability to anticipate the fashion needs of kids, youth and adults. Knowledge of local and neighboring areas and a member of a strong networking team that offers vital inputs on business development.

Career History:

Business Owner
R&B Fabrics, Guymon, TX
2014 - present

Business Owner
R&B Music Shop, Guymon, TX
February 2013 - September 2014


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