Judicial Clerk Resume

Responsibilities of a judicial clerk depend upon the judge and the court he is working for. If the judge is a trial judge, he will be asked to conduct research, review motions, and suggest recommendations to the job. This person is considered as a right hand of judge since he may review the instructions passed on by the jury on request from the parties. If he is serving in the appellate court, he will spend a greater part of his time in the library preparing a memorandum of law for the judges.

To be considered for the judicial clerk position, you have to pour in your knowledge of a judicial system, ability to perform legal analysis, offer and draft opinion reports, and conduct law research in your resume similar to this sample.

Sample Resume

Curtis S. Ryan
4468 Chandler Hollow Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-396-3535
Email: csryan@example.com

Job Objective:
Looking for a judicial clerk position to offer my legal research skills in offering suggestions to the judges and reviewing jury instructions.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Judicial Clerk
Pittsburgh Judicial Department
2012 - present

Judicial Clerk
A&B Law Firm, Pittsburgh, PA
2010 - 2012

Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
Diamond College of Law, Pittsburgh, PA

Available upon request.

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