Chief Engineer Resume

A chief engineer is a title prominent in different fields such as construction, gas, real estate, pipeline, and automotive. The duties of this title hence vary. However, regardless of the areas, this position is responsible for the smooth execution of engineering projects from initial stage to the finish. The person holding this position will handle the engineering department and supervise the work of the engineering staff. He will assign tasks to people working under his supervision and ensure that the project is carried out according to the regulations and building code requirements.

Blueprint and schematic reading, understanding of building codes, federal, state and municipal laws and regulations; as well as strong computer skills are most commonly a prerequisite for employment within the title. Licensing by federal, state and local governments is most often required.

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Sample Resume

Thomas J. Homer
2178 Augusta Park
Mount Airy, WV 21771
Phone: 304-821-3435

Job Objective:
A full-time chief engineer position with a shipping company where my vessel engineering experience and extensive knowledge of shipping guidelines will ensure smooth operations of major components of vessels.

Summary of Skills:

  • Extensive experience in shipping construction and maintenance
  • Sound working knowledge of marine mechanical equipments and ship machinery
  • Good communication skills with multi-tasking ability
  • Superior technical knowledge and supervisory skills
  • Ability to perform repair and maintenance of major components of vessel
  • Skilled in building vessel parts with resources onboard


    Chief Engineer
    Angle's Ship Inc., Mount Airy, WV
    2012 - present

  • Ensuring excellent working condition of all major components of the ship
  • Supervising mechanical, physical and safety operations of the ship
  • Ensuring the ship's systems is operational for use before taking the trip
  • Inspecting functionality of engines, boilers, refrigeration, electrical and sanitation equipment
  • Employing and directing a crew of engineers
  • Checking fuel and engine oil levels, including engine revolutions and knots per hour
  • Troubleshooting problems emerging in the ship's systems
  • Performing preventive maintenance tasks
  • Liaising between shore employees and ship captain

    Chief Engineer
    Merry Ferry, Mount Airy, WV
    2009 - 2012

    Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    Big Vessel University, Mount Airy, WV

    On request.

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