General Manager Resume

General Manager has wide, on the whole responsibility for business. Whereas manager may be accountable for one practical area, the General Manager is accountable for all the areas.

General Managers handle through subsidiary manager. But, General Manager may have individuals informing to him/her who aren't managers. General Manager has an authority to employ, fire, or encourage employees.

GM is responsible for superior level planning than a manager. GM is always responsible for overall tactical planning and direction of company and leaves daily management of different functions to managers.

The sample general manager resume will help you to build your own resume for applying to the job of general manager.

Sample General Manager Resume

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(123)-456 7890

Challenging and satisfying position as the sales account manager with a growth oriented organization that puts forward diverse job opportunities and responsibilities for an advancement.

Experienced in industrial sales. An ability to achieve account devotion, with the established long-time partnerships with the lead companies. Ability to unite diverse groups of the people behind common objective.



Account Executive (1998 to Present)
Hawbaker Company, Columbus, Ohio
Offered investment services, suggestions for individuals and businesses, asset allocation, financial planning and the portfolio management.

General Sales Manager (1992 to 1997)
Hertz and Bane, Syracuse, New York
Offered sales administration for the local corporate agencies. Accountable for over $60 million in annual sales. Provided sales Managed sales operations, accounts payable and receivable, employee training and recruiting, and budget planning.

M.B.A., Finance, 1991
Houston University, Houston, TX

B.A. Marketing and Finance, 1988
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA

Notable Achievements: Dean's Scholar; President of Forensics Society

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