National Account Manager Resume

You need a national account manager resume in order to apply for a job. Your selection for the interview depends on the perception created in the mind of the reader while reading the resume. Applicants who have taken resume writing for granted are not entertained any further. Therefore, it is important to find out the right way to create a positive perception through your resume.

The job of an account manager is to manage corporate accounts of an organization while ensuring that their requirements are fulfilled at the earliest. He has to develop a framework within which the sales staff has to work and achieve the assigned targets. He has to investigate into the discrepancies in the supply chain and ensure that they are resolved at the earliest. He is also involved in the development and implementation of promotional strategies on regional and national level. There are several other roles that a national account manager plays while working.

A perfect resume for a national account manager should be equivalent to a professional biography condensed in minimum words possible. No matter how wide your area of expertise and experience is, there is no way that you can write it all in the resume. You need to match the content of your resume according to the job requirements. It will not only consume less time, but will also give an insight to the employer about your understanding of this job.

Read the sample resume given below before you move on to write your national account manager resume to apply for a job.

Personal Information

Neil B. Anderson
784, Owen Lane
Los Angeles, California 54620

Career Objective:

To associate with an organization that provides an opportunity to thrive and succeed in a fast paced environment and work to the best of my knowledge and experience

Key Skills

Details of Work Experience

Regional Account Manager
Morrison Industries
May 2005 to present

Job Roles:

Associate Account Manager
Carson Industries
October 2000 - April 2005

Job Roles:

Account Assistant
Chrome Inc.
January 1997 - September 2000

Job Roles:

Educational Qualifications


  1. Samuel T. Gonzalez
    Operations Manager
    Morrison Industries

  2. Tony S. Parker
    Operations Manager
    Carson Industries

With the help of this sample resume, it will become easy for you to draft a personalized resume. However, it is advised that you prepare different drafts and get those reviewed by a colleague, family member, or a friend to know their perception. They may provide you valuable insights from an employer's perspective.

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