Senior Accountant Resume

Senior accountant is a person, who has garnered a considerable amount of experience through his work and who can be trusted with some important responsibilities. Unlike a junior accountant, he knows exactly what his trade demands and also he is able to handle some other junior accountants, who might be working under him. The applicant, who is working presently as a junior assistant, has got enough work experience to be awarded the position of a senior accountant. This sample resume works well to portray his abilities and make him suitable for the job. We hope that it works in the same way for you as well.

Sample Senior Accountant Resume

Daniel Russell
312, Shakespeare Avenue,
Trenton, NJ 65545,
(123)-456 4990.


To become a senior accountant from a junior one so as to be able to augment my experience in this field further.

Experience Summary:

Professional Experience:

Junior Accountant, July 20XX to Present

Bristin Appliances, Inc, New Jersey

Accounting Intern July 20XX to August 20XX

Carry and Associates Pvt Ltd, New Jersey

Billing Coordinator August 20XX to May 20XX, New Jersey

Carter Sports Pvt Ltd


20XX to 20XX Pristine College, New Jersey



Furnished upon request

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