Junior Tax Analyst Resume

Tax refers to the amount paid by an individual or organization to the government from the income or property earned during a certain period of time. With the amount collected as taxes, the government carries out its public development activities. Taxation is governed by strict rules and regulations and thus, it involves the use of complicated accounting procedures in order to compute the final amount of the tax payable. Since an organization ends up paying a considerable amount as tax, most of the organizations attempt to reduce this amount in a legal manner.

The tax analysts work in liaison with the tax accountants and ensure that the organization pays the taxation amount in full. They find out the avenues where they can enjoy legal tax exemptions. Moreover, they give an idea of the impact of making vital business decisions on the taxes payable. Therefore, their analysis and advises help the organizations to abide by the taxation policies without affecting their profit making strategies. Of all the job seekers, the entry level ones are the most apprehensive towards resume writing. In this regard, we have provided here a proficient junior tax analyst resume sample to help such candidates find their desired entry level jobs in their respective professional domains. We hope that this resume paves way for lasting careers for the job seekers.

Selena J. Mason
14B, Lincoln Street, Philadelphia, PA

Career Objective

To work at the position of junior tax analyst and apply my knowledge in tax accounting for conducting a thorough analysis of the organization's accounts and using the analysis results to profitably manage the finances of the organization.

Key Skills

Work Experience

Position: Junior Tax Analyst
Company Name: Pearson Manufacturers Inc, Philadelphia
Tenure: January 2010 - till date

Position: Tax Analyst Intern
Company Name: Mason and Sons financial Corp, Philadelphia
Tenure: July 2008 - December 2009

Educational Qualifications


Name: Edward B. Finnegan
Position: Chief Tax Accountant
Company Name: Pearson Manufacturers Inc, Philadelphia
Phone: 633-121-4546
Email: edwardfinnegan@example.com

This junior tax analyst resume presents an ideal way of putting forth the qualifications, work experiences, and internship details of an entry level job profile. You can adopt this resume and make a blistering start to your vocation.

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