Sample Art Resume

It is a common belief that artists do not need a resume. The fact is they do. Most artists have two versions of their resume - one in brief and one in detail. Achievements are the most important part of an artist resume. Therefore, examples of their work in their field of literature, music, painting, drama, singing or architecture and the like, should be prioritized in the resume. Formal training is important to sharpen the natural skill the artist is born with and will form the main part of the resume in the absence of experience.

Charles Middleton
1098 south Main Street
Clarion, Iowa 50525
Telephone No: 515-532-0980
Email id:

ABC Institute of Art and Design, xyz, Ca, May 20XX
Bachelors in Art Education and Design
Art Education Major GPA: 3.45; Overall GPA: 3.32; Honor Society 20XX - 20XX

Study Abroad, University of England, England, London, Spring 20XX
Completed courses in Art Design, Art History, Art Education, Art Composition

Relevant Experience:
XYZ, California, CA, Summer 20XX

ABC, California, CA, Summer 20XX
Intern Modern Art Museum, California, CA, Summer 20XX
Tour Guide

Additional Experience:
ABC Institute of Art and Design, xyz, CA, Spring 20XX
Student Art Competition

Volunteer Experience:
California Public Interest Group, California, CA, Summer 20XX

Co-Curricular Activities: Paris Monthly Newsletter, Paris Institute, Fall 20XX
Art Designer

Special Skills/Travel:

Sample Art Resume 2

The one thing that separates a true artist from other professionals is the high level of dedication they have for their work. Artists love their work and do it with their heart. Which is why the Empire State building is much more appealing than any other ordinary building. This dedication is reflected in the work of an artist and should be the main part of an artist resume. The resume should start by mentioning the field (painting, sketching, music, dance, literature, drama etc.) and level where the candidate seeks employment. Formal training is necessary and so is some commercial knowhow.

Mitchell Reagan
1098 Warwick Road
East New Market
Maryland 21631
Telephone No: 410-943-0920
Email id:

Alabama State University, Phoenix, Alabama
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Fine Arts
Graduation: May 2008
GPA: 3.45

Relevant Coursework:

Relevant Experience:
Saint Merry Natural History Museum, St. Merry Mississippi
Education Intern, Spring 2006 Mississippi Historical Society, St. Merry, Mississippi
Curatorial and Collections Intern, Fall 2005 Activities:

Sample Art Resume 3

In the modern age artists need to possess an element of business sense in addition to their natural ability. What is also needed is formal training and experience to fine tune their skills. Finally, an artist should not only be good, but also seen to be good. And the best way to show his skill is to write an effective resume. The skill of the artist has to be shown by mentioning the major achievements, technical qualifications and the business/professional touch. Achievements should be accorded priority as these give a live picture of the candidate's talent.

Harold Porter
1098 E Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405
Telephone No: 812-855-0191
Email id:

Watercolor*Oil*Murals*Canvas*still Life*Landscapes*Portraits


Experience: Education:

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, University of the West, Los Angeles, California, 2000

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