Broadcasting Engineer Resume

A Broadcasting Engineer is a person who deals with broadcasting especially in radio and television. The main task of a Broadcasting engineer is to install, operate, repair and test electronic tools that are used to transmit programs in cable, television and radio. A broadcasting engineer should have extensive knowledge of radio frequency, computer engineering and audio engineering. They mainly take care of clarity of sound and color for television and radio broadcast.

This is an organized and optimized resume for the application of Broadcasting Engineer. It gives suggestions to compose a catchy resume for the mentioned position. The names and addressees in the resume are fictitious. This is done with the purpose of guiding you in a clear way. We hope the sample will work really well for you.

Sample Broadcasting Engineer Resume

Dan Charlie
New Lane, Max Road
458, New Zealand
Home: 00123-879-2525
Cell: 444-956-235

Objective :A highly qualified Broadcast engineer with experience of installing, supporting and maintaining digital audio, IP equipment, Novell and windows network, general electronics and broadcast RF. Willing to join a well-established media organization to excel in the field of electronic media.

Qualification Summary:

Professional experience :

High town Radio station, New Zolo
From 2005 till date
Broadcast engineer

MTV Network studio, Stalline point
From 2003 to 2005
Network Engineer-Radio

Educational background:

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