Subcontractor Resume

A subcontractor is the person who undertakes responsibilities from another contractor, also called as the prime contractor, and is paid by him. A subcontractor can also hire other subcontractors to work under him. This process is performed to either lower the costs associated with the project or else to minimize the risks. Nowadays, this concept has gained ground in the IT sector. This practice is in vogue in the IT industry because of the complexity and huge sizes of the projects. That is why this job is so sought after today. One single team can rarely complete the project on its own. Hence, they have to seek help from diverse corners.

Sample Subcontractor Resume

Irvin Nichols
254, Hopkins Avenue,
Connecticut, CT, 63478
(382) 873-8940

Academic Background

Computer Programming Skills:

Professional background

2000- Present date: Work as the subcontractor at the Washington Public Welfare Subdivision, Washington with the following responsibilities

1996- 2000: Acted as the subcontractor at Boston State General Hospital, Boston with the following responsibilities 1990- 1996: Worked as the subcontractor at the Dire Street Public Bank and Trustee Board, California with the following responsibilities 1988- 1990: Acted as the subcontractor at the American Life Insurance Company, New Jersey with the following responsibilities

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