Training Coordinator Resume

A training coordinator is basically responsible for the organizing of training and other activities in the organization he works with. As there are a lot of recruitment and hence training sessions are continuously going on in any bigger organization and so, the training coordinator is quite an important part of the hierarchy. He has to keep track of the training programs going on and change them or add new ones if necessary. He also keeps check on the costs associated with the training methods, equipment, instructors and other such things and keeps them within the allocated budget. With all the information going on the internet, an online training coordinator is also in demand these days.

Sample Training Coordinator Resume

Dean Grant
378, Nathaniel Drive,
Raleigh, NC, 43822
(218) 328- 5733

Career Goal]

To seek a position of a training coordinator in an organization where I would be able to use my organizational skills for better progress of the company.

Educational Background

Computer Programming Skills Professional Affiliation

Achieve requisite professional affiliation from the Training Coordinators Association of New York, New York in the year of 1993 after the succeeding Mock Examination approved by the association.

Professional Skills

Professional Background

2001- Present date: Work as the Training Coordinator for the Golden Security Insurance, California with the following responsibilities

1995- 2000: Worked as the Training Manager for the Purple Communal Medication Bureau, Hartsville with the following responsibilities

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