Benefits Specialist Resume

Benefits specialist position helps employees in the completion of essential forms to register in Duke benefits programs. They are also responsible for helping in the group presentations to explain details of benefit programs. Provides guidance and technical support to HRIC staff and shares all legislative knowledge to make sure about the up to dates of staff.

He or she makes or provides suggestions for process improvements to improve customer service and effectiveness. They are responsible for providing support to plan managers and benefits managers in special projects.

Sample Benefits Specialist Resume

Stiven Flintoff
4738, East 45 Street
Carlisle, YA 08472
739 410 7039 Objective: Looking for a position of benefits manager for a leading company where I can improve myself and company benefits using my advance skills in this field.

Required Skills:

Work Experience:

Some Administration Department, Rainbow County, New Jersey
Benefits Specialist


Conrad and Carpenter, New Jersey, NY
Benefits Specialist


Master's Degree in Industrial Relation, New York University

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