Fraud Investigator Resume

Fraud investigator is the position responsible for investigating the cases of fraud. They collect and analyze the existing proofs. He or she provides conclusion on propose and veracity sanctions. This position handles the investigations for the concerned department, clients, regional auditors and sales forces.

Fraud investigator performs root cause analysis of fraud. They provide suggestions to avoid similar situations to be happen in future. Fraud investigator builds framework that is based on control analysis, process analysis and data analysis to detect fraud.

Sample Fraud Investigator Resume

Ferido Louis
38297, East 47 Street
Carlisle, HK 03875
226 384 4937 Objective: Looking for an interesting and challenging position of fraud investigator in any leading in insurance company.


Work Experience:

SVS Financial, Noida
Worked as Fraud Analyst


Some Company, Lebanon
Property Valuation Analyst


Bachelor's Degree in Science, New York University, NY
Diploma in Fraud and Analysis, New York

As seen in the sample fraud investigator resume given above, a professionally appealing resume must contain relevant information about the past work experience, and educational details of the person.

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