Junior Underwriter Resume

A junior underwriter resume is the sum of all skills that collectively define a person's inclination, experience, and qualifications for the underwriter job. Summarizing all these details perfectly and sending across a positive impression to enhance your chances of selection for the interview are just a stone's throw away. You need to reshape your thoughts regarding resume writing and then rearrange the content of the resume in a pattern that leaves no stone unturned in getting you selected.

A junior underwriter works either in a bank or an insurance firm. His basic duties are to investigate about the client's background and provide the details to the bank/insurance firm. He provides detailed information about the clients' financial activities, health records, criminal records, and other information that is necessary to assess the credibility of the client. Some additional duties are assigned to the junior underwriter depending on the nature of the business and size of the organization.

A resume for the job of junior underwriter is aimed to work as a two way channel that establishes a route for communication between the employer and the applicant. It should provide a perfect insight into the applicants' qualifications and motivate the employer to meet the applicant and interview him to learn further about his traits.

All that you want and need to learn about resume writing is explained through an example resume for this profession. Read it, analyze the writing style, and adapt a similar tone and format to prepare an effective resume for your job application.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Derrick B. Johanson
419 Demonte Avenue
Carson, Nevada 56342

Career Objective

Looking forward to join a reputed organization and fulfill the requirements of a junior underwriter, so that I can put my knowledge and skills to optimum use

Summary of Skills

Details of Work Experience

Junior Underwriter at Baldwin Insurance, Carson
Employed since August 2006

Job Responsibilities

Junior Underwriter at Jones Insurance, Carson
Employed from September 2002 to July 2006

Job Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications and Certifications

Bachelor's Degree in Business Law
Nevada University of Research and Management

High School Diploma
Mungo Community School


  1. Samuel K. Bronson
    Branch Manager
    Baldwin Insurance

  2. Alfred M. Travolta
    Branch Manager
    Jones Insurance

You must have noticed that the sample resume of junior underwriter is neither very lengthy nor too short. This is an ideal length for a resume and your resume should be identical to this one, because it will become easy for you to provide the necessary information and allow to reader to read and understand the content without spending much time and efforts.

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