Litigation Attorney Resume

A litigation attorney is a lawyer who represent a client who is in either side of a lawsuit case. They specialize in the several possible forms of litigation and carry out extensive research while working on a case in order to support their case in a court of law. They have to work on the finer details of the case and look for loopholes, which will give them the slightest advantage over the opposition. Having good knowledge about the various laws, legal procedures and court proceedings is essential for any litigation attorney. It is a challenging field that contains a number of opportunities and avenues for success. While applying for a litigation attorney's job, it is essential to possess a resume, which contains accurate information about your professional career. Refer to sample litigation attorney resume given below in order to find out more information on how to write your own resume.

Sample Litigation Attorney Resume

Samantha Cruz,
94, North 5 Street,
Brighton, NY 061441,
(543)-491 45650.

Academic Background:

St. Catherine Law School, University of New York, NY
J.D., G.P.A: B

University of New York, NY
Bachelor of Arts in History & Government

College Activities:

Professional Experience:

Sr. Associate Attorney
Danmer & Kenny Associates, Brighton, NY from 2003-present

Handle the litigation work by helping and supporting companies and people. Whenever dispute doesn't settle between parties then litigation attorney help them out. Other basic responsibilities include supervision of the enforcement and regulatory proceedings, internal investigations and representation of the clients. Develop and implement the trial strategies based on client's requirements.

Associate Attorney
TNM Associates, Jamestown, NY from 1998-2003

Responsibilities as a attorney include meeting with the clients and listen to their needs then develop the strategies accordingly. Responsible for the litigation of the full case.



Fluent in English, Spanish and Latin.


Available upon request.

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