National Park Ranger Resume

For writing a perfect national park ranger resume, all you need is a clear vision regarding the job requirements and your qualifications for the same. This is because unless your resume does not make a favorable impression on the employer, there is no other reason for you to be called for an interview. Therefore, all you are required to do is spend some time and make yourself comfortable with the art of resume writing to win the employer's confidence.

A national park ranger is assigned with the job of monitoring and preserving the environment of parks and forests. He is involved in various activities that help in controlling the ecological balance, thus allowing the flora and fauna to flourish. He also monitors the visitors in the parks and also informs them about the wildlife species, directions, protocols, and any other information that helps to make their visit a pleasant one. He is the one who enforces laws to avoid misuse or depletion of natural resources and activities that may prove fatal to the wildlife. He has to handle emergency situations and also help in searching visitors who might be lost in the forest.

The resume for the job of a national park ranger should cover the competency of performing the above mentioned tasks and other additional activities that he might have to handle. Although it is favorable to have experience and knowledge of all the tasks; you should avoid providing information just for the sake of proving yourself as an eligible candidate. Be honest. Balance your skills, qualifications, and experience while using a polite, professional tone throughout the resume.

The sample of a national park ranger resume will illustrate how the information should be transcribed in the space provided.

Personal Information

Samuel G. Homes
3213 George Street
Detroit, Michigan 52260

Career Objective

I want to work in the position of a national park ranger where I can engage myself in environmental and wildlife preservation practices and contribute my efforts for the betterment of the environment

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

National Park Ranger
Kandol Reserve
March 2006 to present

Details of Job Responsibilities:

National Park Ranger
Alison National Reserve
June 2002 to February 2006

Details of Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications and Certifications


  1. Leonard D. Shipman
    Park Superintendent
    Kandol Reserve

  2. Charles B. Raymond
    Park Superintendent
    Alison National Reserve

By using the template of national park ranger resume provided above, we can assure that you will be able to incorporate all details in your resume.

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