CNC Mechanist Resume

The CNC is nothing but computer numerical control which helps to produce parts of different dimensions automatically. The CNC mechanist is responsible to handle this CNC machine.

Here is the sample CNC mechanist resume page which focuses on different details such as educational qualification, skills and abilities, and other essential things. Mr. Brad Hussy is applied for this post.

Sample CNC Mechanist Resume

Brad Hussy,
6790, Santa Street.
Groton, CT 6865,
(745)586 3567.


Obtain a position as CNC mechanist in well-known company to apply my CNC machine related knowledge and experience the growth of company.

Professional Skills:

Educational Qualification:

Decor Engineers Works, Derby, CT
CNC Mechanist(2001-Present)

Responsibilities handled are summarized as below :

Bal-well Precision Engineers, Bristol, CT
CNC Mechanist(1998-2001)

Responsibilities handled are summarized as below :

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