Dentist Resume

It is said that a person's teeth are a deciding factor in his/ her beauty. A dentist is a professional who in a way helps beautify people. He does this by straightening crooked teeth, cleaning the infections from your jaw, replacing broken teeth and other such techniques. A dentist can work in his own clinic or can be employed in a hospital or health care center. There are even many specialists in the dental profession itself, such as orthodontists, periodontists, pedodontists and likewise. The sample resume provided here aptly summarizes the way in which a dentist's resume has to be written.

Sample Dentist Resume

Mario Schultz
627, Maple ST
Alexandria, LA, 58743
(689) 953- 5782

Career Goal

Obtain a respective position as a full time Dentist.

Educational Background

Known Computer Skills Professional Accreditation Professional Background

2000 - Present date: Work as the Dentist in the Bellingham Dental Research Unit, Bellingham with the following responsibilities

1997 - 2000: Worked as the dentist for the Washington University Dental Medicine Unit, Washington with following responsibilities 1994 - 1997: Worked as the dentist for the Orlando Dental Research Unit, Orlando with the following responsibilities

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