Dietician Resume

Nowadays, with the entire fixation in the young generation about becoming slim and maintaining a size zero figure, the role of a dietician has assumed an importance it never enjoyed before. Basically, a dietician suggests his clients which diet regimen to follow, so as to optimize and balance the diet to include all the necessary ingredients while avoiding unnecessary fats. To become a dietician you need to complete a course in this field and only then can you become a certified professional. Although most of the dieticians work in a separate capacity, most join health care centers or other such organizations. Anyway, a resume which makes an impact is required for any type of dietician which you can get if you follow this sample.

Sample Dietician Resume

Hugh Fox
672, Winward Concourse
New Iberia, LA, 32468
(218) 389- 8732

Academic Background


Have done internship in Smith County Annexure Service, Atlanta, GA (winter, 1990)

Professional Background

1992 - Present date: Working as chief dietician at the Irwin Hospital, Atlanta, GA with the following work responsibilities

1991 - 1992: Performed as the junior dietician for Dunwoody Nursing Home with the following job responsibilities

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