Junior Doctor Resume

Like any other profession, doctors go through the difficult phase of job search. Even they need to find an opportunity that will provide them the best platform to utilize their knowledge. A resume helps them to write down their career profile and apply for leading medical practitioner jobs. We have drafted a junior doctor resume to help all fresh graduates in doing their job search. We hope this resume helps you in your career.

A doctor is a specialist in the field of biology and medicine. He studies the science of how the human anatomy is structured and how it functions. This study helps them to identify the instances where the body fails to function properly and suffers from certain diseases or disorders. Based on this analysis of the medical condition, the doctor diagnoses the cause of suffering and accordingly treats the ailment. A doctor gives medicines to their patients, suggests diet plans or exercises, or performs surgeries in order to treat the patient. A doctor has various areas to specialize - neurology, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, etc. Also, he may choose to work as a general physician and provide remedies for common ailments like common cold, fever, headaches, nausea, etc. The profile of a doctor is the noblest profession since it includes caring for and saving someone's life. We have considered the profile of a general doctor for this resume.

Junior Doctor Resume

Emily Dawson
12, 7th Street, Green Park,
Cincinnati, OH 87745
Phone: 633 - 478 - 9596
Email Id: emilydawson@example.com

Career Objective

To secure the position of a junior doctor and provide healthcare services to the patients, using my knowledge in medicine science and acute sense of medical analysis. To gain experience and enhance my abilities in meeting the ever-growing healthcare needs.

Key Skills

Educational Qualifications


Work Experience

Working as a junior doctor with Heartbeat Hospital, Cincinnati from July 2010 till date.
These are some of my responsibilities:

Worked as an intern doctor with Ruby Hospital, Cincinnati from October 2008 till June 2010.
These were some of my responsibilities:

Extracurricular Activities


Name: Maria Johnson
Designation: Senior Doctor
Organization Name: Heartbeat Hospital, Cincinnati
Contact Number: 633 - 789 - 4152
Email Id: mariajohnson@example.com

We have presented here a junior doctor resume as an example for reference. We expect the job seekers to observe the format given and the language used to understand the ideal resume writing ways. We hope this template helps you showcase your career profile and apply to the best jobs in market.

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