Medical Records Clerk Resume

As the name itself suggests, a medical records clerk has to keep records related to the medical field. He typically works in a hospital or healthcare center. He is primarily responsible for maintaining and retrieving the files of patients who keep on coming and going from the facilities. These files include patient history and record, which is pretty important on the part of the institution in order to decide any future treatments. To be a medical records clerk, you need to have a degree or two and also be knowledgeable about the medical field. The sample resume given here tells you the right way to write a resume.

Sample Medical Records Clerk Resume

Alberto Stone
875, Kamokila Blvd,
Kansas City, MO, 62592
(436) 346- 4712

Career Objective

I am aspired for obtaining an administrative position where my commitment and experience will be used and progressed.

Academic Background

Professional Expertise Professional Background

1989- Present date: Working as Medical Records Librarian in the Steve Harris Hospital, in Bismarck, ND with the following work responsibilities:

1987 - 1989: Working as Inventory Clerk in Brainbench Paper Company in Bismarck, ND with the following work responsibilities: Interests

Reading, Singing, Hiking, Skiing, Photography, Swimming.


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