Nursing Aide Resume

Nursing Aides, who are also called as nursing assistants, are responsible for helping the nurses while performing their routine duties. This job can be considered as an entry level job in the nursing field. With this job, one can start his/her career as a nurse by understanding all the nuances of the job. Most of the time of these professionals is spent with the patients, answering to their calls and helping them when needed. They also sometimes note the patient's temperature, blood pressure, and other such repetitive tests. To help you achieve a position of a nursing aide, we have provided you with this sample resume, which would certainly work for your benefit.

Sample Nursing Aide Resume

Cale Ramos
378, Gayton Avenue,
Florissant, MO, 34785
(796) 567- 5498

Educational Qualifications


Have done internship in Muskingum college Hospital, New Concord OH in 1984

Employment History

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