Nutritionist Resume

Fast food, which is probably the most favored type of food today by youngsters and old alike, is responsible for the deteriorating health of most. Hence, the role of a nutritionist is quite important with regards to the maintenance of health these days. This professional is especially useful for athletes and professional body builders, who need to consume a good diet, so as to maintain and build a better physique. For these people, the professional has to prepare a schedule and make sure that they stick to it. This is because a balanced diet forms an important part of the athletes' workout.

Sample Nutritionist Resume

Jerome Holland
782, SE 89th Ave,
Montpelier, VT, 25621
(391) 690- 3921

Academic Background

Other Relevant Courses Professional Background

1992- Present date: Working as Lecturer at the City College, Atlanta, GA with the following work responsibilities 1993- Present Day: Working as the Nutritionist and Dietician for Wonderland Nursing Home with the following job responsibilities 1989- 1992: Performed as the junior Nutritionist for Holong Nursing Home with the following job responsibilities

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