Occupational Therapist Resume

An occupational therapist is a professional, who is responsible for providing therapy to disabled, either in the clinics or hospitals or at their homes. The patients include aged, mentally disabled, or someone disabled due to an accident or something like that. This professional helps rehabilitate the patients and bring them back into the mainstream population. They look into both, the physical as well as psychological aspects of the illness and help the patients overcome both. The main aim is to enable the patients to perform their day to day activities efficiently. The sample resume given on this page can definitely help aspiring occupational therapists to get the job they dream of.

Sample Occupational Therapist Resume

Philip Castro
218, John Olson Place,
Vermont, VT, 52341
(304) 706- 4831

Career Objective

Academic Background Other Relevant Achievements Professional Background

1992 - Present date: Working as Occupational Therapist at the Middleton Hospital, Atlanta, GA with the following work responsibilities 1990- 1992: Performed as the Assistant Occupational Therapist for Unicorn Medical Hospital with the following job responsibilities

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