Optician Resume

Due to the widespread use and viewing of TV and computers in the young generation along with the old, long hours before these devices cause a lot of strain to the eyes. Hence, an optician is required by many nowadays. The main duties of an optician involve dispensing the correct eyeglasses for patients. They give those glasses based on the assessment done by the ophthalmologists and optometrists. Actually, there is a difference between opticians and optometrists. While optometrists check and measure the defect in the eyes of the patients, opticians are solely responsible for fitting the glasses according to the facial features of each patient individually.

Sample Optician Resume

Donald Quinn
859, Broadway ST,
Charleston, WV, 56492
(210) 789- 3201

Professional Objective

Academic Background Relevant Professional Accomplishment Professional Background

1992 - Present date: Working as Senior Optician at the wonderworld Eye Care Clinic, Alaska, with the following work responsibilities 1991 - 1992: Performed as the junior dietician for Dunwoody Nursing Home with the following job responsibilities

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