Orthodontist Resume

The word orthodontist comes from the two words: ortho (straight) + odons (teeth),Orthodontist is a type of dentist, one among many, who has completed dental school and then has gone on to specialize in the field by studying for additional 2 years or so, which depends on the type of school and the program. Primarily, an orthodontist is an individual who corrects the misalignment of teeth by various methods such as by applying braces, retainers, and other such devices. He is thus a highly specialized professional, who is very much respected in the society, and as you don't need to be told, highly paid. Along with improving the alignment of teeth, this dentist also looks into the facial growth and corrects it, if there are any mistakes.

Sample Orthodontist Resume

Earl Meyer
387, Siskiyou Blvd,
Madison, MI, 53467
(803) 670- 5892

Academic Background

Professional Background
2002- Present date: Working as a Private Orthodontist in New York, New York with following responsibility 1999- 2002: Performed as the Orthodontist for Greenwood Nursing Home with the following job responsibilities Licenses and Certifications Professional Associations and Memberships

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