Pharmacist Resume

A pharmacist is an individual who provides prescribed medication drugs to patients and customers. They coordinate with the doctor of a patient in order advice and seek advice on the dosage and amount of medication required by the patient. They may work in a hospital, a medical center or a private pharmacy store where they carry out the dispensing of various drugs to patients with a prescription. They also deal with over the counter drugs which are legal drugs that can be sold without a prescription in limited quantities. Pharmacists have to undergo specific educational training about the various types of drugs and ailments present in the field of medical science. This training along with prior experience in assisting an experienced pharmacist is required in order to apply for this job. These professional details along with any special achievements must be mentioned on one's resume in an appealing manner to increase your chances of securing the job. Refer to the sample pharmacist resume shown below to gain better understanding on preparing your own resume.

Sample Pharmacist Resume

Ruth C. Tichenor
4258 Coplin Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone No: 602-512-1257
Email ID:

Academic Background

Registration Professional Background
1993- Present date: Working as Head Pharmacist at Snowball Health Services, GA with the following work responsibilities 1991- 1993: Performed as the Pharmacist for Dodlink Nursing Home with the following job responsibilities

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