Cardiac Nurse Resume

Cardiac nurses provide service to the patients who are suffering from various heart diseases. Cardiac nurses first need to be registered. Then they can go for certification. American Nurses Credentialing Centre conducts exams for the cardiac nurses. For that the candidate needs to be registered and a licensed nurse in the state. She should be working for at least two years as a registered nurse. She must have at least 2000 hours of experience in cardiac nursing. The candidate in the profile has worked as cardiac nurse for nine years. Her major skills are:

Sample Cardiac Nurse Resume

Norma Violet
1002, Horsh RD,
Hickjery Lane, Sillersville, PA
Phone: 934-945-1293


Skilled and experienced registered nurse looking for a challenging role in the field of cardiac nursing.


University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Caring

Registered Nurse License
Registered Nurse Practice License


Cardiac Nurse, Saint Hospital, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Cardiac Nurse, Heart Clinic, Easton, Pennsylvania
2001-2004 Nurse, Smith's Clinic, Clarion, Pennsylvania

Dr. Hamilton Woods
Sr. Cardiologist
Saint Hospital
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Dr. Russel Smith
Managing Director
Smith's Clinic
Clarion, Pennsylvania

Cardiac means anything related to the heart. We often hear this term in relation to a cardiac arrest, also known as a heart attack. In this reference, a cardiac nurse is one who takes care of patients with cardiac problems. These types of nurses usually specialize in the cardiac area after finishing their bachelor's degree in nursing. This field especially requires thinking on your feet, because in case of life threatening situations, the nurse is expected to take quick decisions so as to save a life. Along with this, the nurse also should be able to look after those patients who are suffering from heart ailments from a long time.

Sample Cardiac Nurse Resume 2

Julian Long
348, Walton Way,
New Orleans, LA, 43786
(892) 489- 4322

Academic Background

Professional Background

1993- Present date: Working as Charge Nurse in the Flingstone Community Hospital, in Landmark, NY with the following work responsibilities

1992 - 1993: Working as Staff Nurse at Heart Transplantation Unit in Davidson Community Hospital, in Landmark, NY with the following work responsibilities:

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